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Discover the New ReadON and MOBOX Alliance: Taking the Web3 Gaming Community to Greater Heights

Announcement: ReadON and MOBOX Partner Up to Boost the Web3 Gaming Scene

It’s a thrilling time for the Web3 gaming community as they witness the coming together of ReadON, a popular name in Web3 content layer and application chain, and MOBOX, a force to reckon with in the Web3 gaming arena. Together, they’ve decided upon a strategic collaboration with a harmonizing intention to unify the Web3 gaming content community, enrich the user experience and broaden the limits of on-chain assets.

The Confluence of Gaming and Content: Creating a Cohesive Community

The fields of gaming and content are inherently interconnected. As gamers delve deeper into games, they consume content that improves their gaming experience. This partnership aims to create a bridge between these two worlds, using ReadON’s decentralized content community as a powerful base to enhance MOBOX’s effect on the Web3 gaming industry.

The Partnership Goals

Through this strategic partnership, ReadON and MOBOX are setting out to achieve a number of objectives:

  • Transcending Cultural and Geographic Boundaries: ReadON’s strong presence in Northeast Asia opens doors for MOBOX to appeal to this market with rich cultural perspectives.
  • Establishing a Firm Gaming-Content Infrastructure: With its sophisticated and decentralized method for content consolidation, curation and distribution, ReadON aims to provide strong content support for MOBOX.
  • Revolutionizing Asset Utility: The alliance plans to break down current barriers of NFT functionality, enabling deeper interaction and customization across different application scenarios.

MOBOX & ReadON: Jointly Launching the Upcoming Topic Raffle Season 3

To show our dedication to empowering our communities, ReadON will be teaming up with MOBOX to kick-start the Topic Raffle Season 3. This season will introduce co-branded Catto NFT topic parts and boast a larger prize pool that will feature a massive amount of READ tokens and MBOX Tokens. In addition to this, the chances of winning prizes will be both random and dynamically modified, relative to the quantity of tickets participating. Don’t miss the Topic Raffle Season 3, scheduled to begin at the close of November!

About ReadON

ReadON, a decentralized Web3 content layer and application chain, focuses on managing revenue sharing and content moderation issues of Web2. It currently serves over 100 B2B clients, including top cryptocurrency exchanges, runs several proprietary content services, and has launched a Web3 content aggregation and distribution community, ReadON DAO, which is used by over 700,000 users.


MOBOX, setting the standard for innovation in decentralized gaming, is revolutionizing the sector by fostering innovation and nurturing the Web3 gaming community. Being community-driven, MOBOX introduces a one-of-a-kind metaverse experience with interoperable assets and a plethora of exciting games. With MOBOX, you’re not just a player; you’re a key contributor to the futuristic world of decentralized gaming.

Quantum Code and Web3 Gaming

Our Quantum Code app could greatly enhance this partnership between MOBOX and ReadON. With its cutting-edge features, our app could provide users with real-time tracking of their digital assets, manage their investments, and potentially fetch them better returns. Whether you’re an avid gamer or a content creator, Quantum Code is the app designed to keep you ahead in the fast-paced Web3 universe!

Frequently asked Questions

1. What is ReadON and MOBOX Alliance?

The ReadON and MOBOX Alliance is a partnership between ReadON, a web3 gaming platform, and MOBOX, a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. Together, they aim to elevate the web3 gaming community by providing innovative gaming experiences, NFT marketplaces, and cross-chain interoperability.

2. What benefits does the ReadON and MOBOX Alliance bring to the web3 gaming community?

The alliance brings several benefits to the web3 gaming community. Firstly, it offers access to exclusive gaming content and NFTs, providing players with unique and valuable experiences. Secondly, through cross-chain interoperability, users can use their assets across different blockchain networks, enhancing the gaming ecosystem’s versatility. Lastly, the alliance fosters collaboration among developers, allowing for the creation of more engaging and immersive games.

3. How does ReadON contribute to the alliance?

ReadON contributes to the alliance by offering its web3 gaming platform, which provides users with a seamless gaming experience and access to a diverse range of games. Additionally, ReadON’s extensive user base and community support help in promoting the alliance’s initiatives and attracting more players to the web3 gaming ecosystem.

4. What role does MOBOX play in the alliance?

MOBOX plays a crucial role in the alliance as a blockchain-based gaming ecosystem. It offers a marketplace for NFTs, enabling players to trade or monetize their in-game assets. Moreover, MOBOX ensures cross-chain compatibility, allowing users to utilize their assets across multiple blockchains, thus expanding the reach and accessibility of the web3 gaming community.

5. Can you explain the concept of cross-chain interoperability within the alliance?

Cross-chain interoperability refers to the ability of assets, such as NFTs, to be used across different blockchain networks. In the ReadON and MOBOX Alliance, this means that players can take their in-game assets, achievements, and progress from one game or blockchain to another seamlessly. This feature enhances the overall gaming experience and provides players with the freedom to explore different gaming ecosystems without losing their hard-earned assets.

6. How can players benefit from the NFT marketplaces provided by the alliance?

The NFT marketplaces offered by the alliance give players the opportunity to buy, sell, or trade their in-game assets as NFTs. This opens up possibilities for players to earn real-world value from their virtual items and fosters a dynamic economy within the web3 gaming community. Additionally, it creates a sense of ownership and uniqueness for players, as they can possess rare or limited-edition NFTs that hold significant value.

7. What can we expect from the future of the ReadON and MOBOX Alliance?

The future of the alliance holds exciting prospects for the web3 gaming community. Continued innovation in gaming experiences, the introduction of new games and NFTs, and further advancements in cross-chain interoperability are some areas the alliance intends to focus on. Additionally, the alliance aims to expand its user base, foster community engagement, and establish itself as a leading force in elevating the web3 gaming ecosystem to greater heights.